TEMA – Remorque Bagagère | Au Lieu De €1,089.00 Payez €762.00 | 236×125 cm ECO 2312 Bâche haute


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Enormous TEMA SINGLE Pivot TRAILER 236 X 125 cm.
Highlights :

Enormous trailer (exists with various choices; with level or high, fixed or shifting canvas, and so on) is furnished with an opening and removable back drop side.

No dark card, permit or extra protection expected for a GVW of 499 kg (plausibility of enrolling it for GVW 750 kg on demand).

Valuable interior aspects: 236 x 125 cm.
Trailer weight: 156 kg (without cover).
Aspects of the trailer (without cover): L. 236 X l. 125 X H. 30 cm.

Outline :

Single pivot.
1 pivot type UBR 700 AL-KO or KNOTT.
V-type drawbar 750 kg (fixed).
Standard tire size: 155/70 R13.
Free suspension, with spring on rotating roller.


Support outline 2.5 mm steel sheet thickness: in collapsed segment.
Electrifies, screw fixing.
Inside: non-slip pressed wood 9 mm thick.
Undercarriage and sides in aroused steel.
Opening back hatch.


Level or high cover.
Shifting without canvas.
Shifting + 1 high canvas.
Shifting + 1 level cover.

Discretionary Frill:

Sideboard augmentations.
Network augmentations.
High cover.
Level cover.
Jockey wheel.
Hostile to burglary key.